Collection: FLOR ÈPOCH

The Flor Époch Collection 

Flor Époch (“Flower” in Spanish and “Époch” form the Belle Époch Period) is the 2nd collection by NYC based designer and maker, Angely Martinez. Inspired by the Victorian and Belle Epoch Periods, the collection showcases flowers, insects and the female figure in the form of carved gemstones and cameos, traditionally a technique most commonly used in the ancient world. With this collection, the artist seeks to bridge the past and the present into her point of view as a designer by giving new life to these stones.

The concept of the collection began in early 2019 and was handcrafted by the designer over the course of a year. Angely worked with gem dealers in NYC’s Diamond District and lapidaries from around the world to bring her vision to life.

The idea to work with carved gems is something she had been interested in doing since her days at FIT, where she was assigned to design her own carvings as part of a school project.