I clean Mother Earth
I fertilize her Eggs
I ascend when it rains
I descend when it Ends

Utilizing the Earthworm as a metaphor of physical inspiration, FERTILE ASCENSION represents the different stages of a person’s life, from birth into adulthood (I.e. The cycle of life). 

The collection was conceived over the course of a year, inspired by a visit to the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Biodiversity. 

The Diamonds utilized in this collection are De Beers Code of Origin  which "is a customized code unique to your diamond provides assurance that it is natural and conflict free, and was discovered by De Beers in Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa."-- Source De Beers

The collection has expanded beyond diamonds, with simple ready-to-wear pieces.

Read the JOURNAL on a selection of diamond jewels from the collection, detailing how it was designed to how it was made.

Cover photo by Simon Leung for NYC Jewelry Week