a combination of aqua (meaning water in Latin) and luminescence ("the emission of light by a substance that has not been heated, as in fluorescence and phosphorescence"), is the opal collection by Angely Martinez.

“I can’t swim, but I come from a place that is surrounded by water. This collection represents escaping into an underwater paradise. Paradise is how you feel when you experience the breeze, the waves, the ocean and all of these elements combined.” -- Angely Martinez

Each intentional design element connects to Angely’s life and loves. The Boulder Opals from Australia signify the ocean, the mineralized water that has frozen in time within these stones. Silver vessels represent picture frames, connected to Dutch Baroque paintings, that capture these bodies of water. Each vessel is held together by thorns symbolizing protection and a connection to the feminine beauty of the rosebud, the latter a signature element in the designer's work.