Visiting Memory Lane: The Charming Willow Ear Cuff Set ©

Photo by Gabriella Lincoln
Taking a trip down memory lane thanks to @irockgems.

The Charming Willow Ear Cuff Set was the first ear cuff I created. It was part of my graduation show at FIT, and later on became part of VERMILLION, my debut collection. Seems like ages ago.

It's inspiration comes from the Willow Tree due to its branches, which seemed to be hanging or facing down.

From the beginning, the set was designed to be made in any gemstone material and other metals such as gold.

The Charming Willow Ear Cuff Set © Rendering. In high and fine jewelry design, a rendering (i.e. illustration) is created to visualize how the piece will look before production.
It's the final step before the design goes into production.

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See @irockgems video here.

See the process of design and fabrication below.

A List of Materials was created to help track how materials would be used during fabrication.


A prototype was created to help visualize the piece before fabrication.


Fabrication Process

Piece finished and assembled.


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