Coming Fall 2022: FERTILE ASCENSION, my first gold and diamond collection

Coming Fall 2022: FERTILE ASCENSION, my first gold and diamond collection

This 2022, I made one of the biggest transitions in my career thus far. I introduced FERTILE ASCENSION, my first fine jewelry collection.

The Fertile Ascension Collection with DeBeers Code of Origin Diamonds. It includes a statement ring, a set of earrings, two necklaces and a ring, that can also be used for alternative engagement
Group photo of the 5-piece collection, incorporating DeBeers Code of Origin Diamonds.

Utilizing the Earthworm as a metaphor of physical inspiration, FERTILE ASCENSION represents the different stages of a person’s life, from birth into adulthood (I.e. The cycle of life).

The Mother Earth Statement Ring, as worn by the designer herself
 The Mother Earth Statement Ring is the piece that births the entire collection. Photo taken by me in April 2022.

You may ask, "why Earthworms?" Well, the inspiration came from a visit down the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Biodiversity.


Inspiration moodboard for Fertile Ascension
The Inspiration for the collection began at the American Museum of Natural History. Photos taken by me.

I personally found them gross at first but through research and discovery, I learned so much about their significance in our world and their role; they clean the earth and keep it healthy and fertilized.

Fertile Ascension Poem
Poem written by me for launch of the collection

The collection was conceived over the course of 18 months.The 5-piece capsule will continue to grow and develop into a larger collection into the future.


Group photo of The Radiance x COUTURE Designers, taken at The COUTURE Show in Las Vegas on June 2022.

Launched at The Radiance x COUTURE in partnership with DeBeers Group, the collection is made of 14K gold and DeBeers Code of Origin diamonds.

The Promise Ring with DeBeers Code of Origin Diamond
The Promise Ring. Photo by Alain Simic.

In my upcoming series, "The Making Of..." I will be discussing each piece in detail, how it was designed, and how it was made.

Stay tuned!

P.S. You can Pre-Order the collection through August 31st, 2022 or email for any questions on the pieces offered.

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